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Living The Dream

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What the life of an elite athlete is really like.

As told by the athletes themselves.

The life of an elite athlete is the dream of so many Australians, but for those that make it to the height of their chosen sport the reality of that career can present challenges and obstacles far from the idealistic career they once sought.

Living the Dream is a documentary that provides unparalleled, behind-the-scenes access into the lives of elite athletes across the Australian sporting scene. It shines a light on the sacrifices professional athletes make to forge a successful career, and generate interest and income for their sport.

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Shining a light on the shared experiences of Australia’s sports stars.


In an interview from his property in rural Western Australia, three-time NBA Champion Luc Longley details the biggest challenge of his career.


He aptly introduces it through this tongue-in-cheek exchange which perfectly encapsulates the public perception this documentary looks to challenge.

Q: Did you have mental health problems?

A: “I had a hot wife and lots of money. What kind of question is that?”

Spanning across the themes of mental health, risk and injury, sexuality, dealing with media pressure and career transition - this level of discussion from Luc sets the tone early in the documentary for the level of vulnerability and intimate detail that athletes are willing to share.

AFL veteran Phil Davis recounts the day he was told he would likely lose his kidney after an innocuous hit to his side during a match saw him later urinate 800ml of blood.

Former rugby player Jim Stewart takes us through the challenge of having to suddenly transition careers after a lifetime of dedication to his sport – breaking his neck just as he was just making his way in the game.

Eccentric international footballer Ljubo Milicevic details the pain and suffering he experienced living alone on the other side of the world, injured and isolated from the team whilst battling an addiction to food and sex.


Former Australian cricket team captain Alex Blackwell details the mixed experience of being a gay athlete, and footballer Andy Brennan gives his account of what he has faced as the first openly gay male footballer.

Former AFL player Jack Frost fights back tears reflecting on the physical effects he has after several concussions he received in his career at the top level. He details how his partner needs to constantly remind of once prominent memories such as what they did on their first date, and the things he once enjoyed in a time when he did not feel nauseous every day.

With input from twenty athletes ranging from Matthew Dellavedova and Shane Watson, to Rugby Sevens Olympic gold-medallists Sharni Williams and Gemma Noller - this documentary shines a light on the many shared experiences of Australian athletes and will be a continued resource for anyone seeking to carve a career as a professional athlete. 


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