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AFL Players

The AFL Players’ Association has a rich history and has entrenched itself as a key stakeholder in the AFL industry as the representative body for male, female and past player members.

Since 1973, the PA has grown in influence and size to become a respected champion of players and the game.

It is the belief of the AFL Players that, as key stakeholders, players deserve to continue to have their voices heard on all issues pertaining to themselves and the game.

As an advocate for its members and the broader community, the AFL Players’ Association is passionate about instilling a sense of integrity and belonging, and showcasing its members as people first and athletes second.

The members are represented by the AFL Players’ Association Board and two player delegates from every club, plus two female delegates from clubs with AFLW teams.


Patrick Dangerfield


Vice Presidents:

Phil Davis, Rory Sloane



Paul Marsh


Board Members:

Andrew Twaits (Chair), Paul Marsh (CEO), Ed Curnow, Jamie Macmillan, Meg Downie, Easton Wood, Chris Heffernan, Leah Kaslar


The Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) 

The Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) is the collective and representative voice of past and present male and female elite domestic and international cricketers in Australia.

The ACA was established in 1997 to:

  • To act as the collective and representative voice of present, past and future elite international cricketers in Australia (including when those cricketers play cricket internationally);

  • To seek to improve and advance the employment, industrial and professional rights, wellbeing and safety of those cricketers;

  • To strive for the improvement of economic and other conditions of those cricketers generally and to regulate compliance with agreed conditions;

  • To pursue initiatives that will ultimately benefit those cricketers and its Members;

  • To represent its Members in bargaining of Cricket Collective Agreements

  • To represent and provide support for its members in employment disputes where deemed appropriate;

  • To safeguard and improve the wellbeing of its Members in employment disputes where deemed appropriate;

  • To administer an account for payment of retiring or transitional benefits to Members (including the fund known as the Australian Cricketers’ Retirement Account);

  • To provide advice, services or assistance to its Members, where deemed appropriate;To promote the sport of cricket; and

  • Anything ancillary to the objects set out above.


Shane Watson



Shane Watson, Greg Dyer (Chair), Alyssa Healy, Aaron Finch, Patrick Cummins, Lisa Sthalekar, Moises Henriques, Kristen Beams, Neil Maxwell, Janet Torney



Alistair Nicholson


Australian Netball Players' Association

Australian Netball Players’ Association (ANPA) is a collective voice to promote the interests and protect the welfare of Australia’s elite netballers, as well as provide education and support to those players.


Kathryn Harby-Williams


Natalie Medhurst

Vice President:

Joanna Weston


Board Members:

Kathryn Harby-Williams, Natalie Medhurst, Joanna Weston, Geoff Parmenter (Chairman), Chelsea Pitman, Jo Harten, Maddy Proud, Laura Clemesha, Maddy Mcauliffe, Shannon Eagland


Australian Basketball Players' Association

The Australian Basketball Players' Association is the representative association of Australian basketballers.


We are run for the players, by the players, in the best interest of all players and the game of basketball.

The ABPA was formed in October 2016 from the foundations of the NBLPA and WNBLPA.
The ABPA’s objective is to grow the game and the players’ position as genuine partners
in shaping the future of Australian Basketball.


Jacob Holmes



Greg O'Neill


Jacob Holmes, Greg O'Neill, Andrew Bogut, David Andersen, Laura Hodges, Jenna O'Hea, Mitch McCarron, Bert Bargeus


Professional Footballers Australia

PFA is the exclusive collective voice of Australia’s professional footballers.

The PFA was established in 1993 with two key objectives: to support the players and build the game.


Now, as the exclusive representative body and collective bargaining agent of Australia’s elite professional footballers, including A-League, W-League, Socceroos and Matildas players, the mission remains the same.


Alex Wilkinson


Kathryn Gill

Beau Busch


Brendan Schwab


Alex Wilkinson, Lydia Williams, Mile Jedinak, Nigel Boogaard, Elise Kellond-Knight, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Kim Carroll, Glen Moss, Tameka Yallop, Francis Awaritefe


Rugby League Players Association

The Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) is the representative body of elite rugby league players, protecting and promoting the welfare and interests of its members.

Our Purpose

We exist to:

  • Protect and advance the interests of Players and the Game.

  • Represent, empower and support Players.


We achieve this by:

  • Valuing different perspectives and balancing competing interests, while remaining focused on our stated objectives.

  • Acting with integrity, collaborating and harnessing the collective strength of Players.


Our Values






Our Vision

A strong, connected and growing game driven by empowered and successful players.

CEO and Managing Director:

Clint Newton

General President:

Cameron Smith


Board Members:

Diedre Anderson (Chair), Clint Newton, Daly Cherry-Evans, Dale Cooper, Wade Graham, Pippa Leary, Nimesh Shah, Sia Soliola, Joel Thompson, Cameron Smith


Rugby Union Players' Association

The Rugby Union Players' Association (RUPA) was incorporated in October 1995 in direct response to the professionalism of Rugby.

It was established to directly promote and safeguard the interests of its members, namely the professional Rugby players of Australia, as well as to help members prepare to transition into the next phase of their life post-Rugby through actively encouraging them to pursue their interests and future careers away from the game.

Currently, 100% of Australia’s full time professional players are members. Furthermore, RUPA is proud to include Western Force and Super W players as Academy members.


Damien Fitzpatrick


Campbell Fisher


Ross Xenos


Board Members:

Lewis Holland, Shannon Parry OAM, Angus Scott-Young, Scott Sio, Sally Fielke, Dean Mumm, Adam Wallace-Harrison



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